Fishing with the kids.

Tips for Adventuring with Little Ones

Having kids is one of life's many miracles. Being the miracle that they are they can often times be difficult and stop us from doing things that we love. If you love adventuring, you shouldn't stop doing it once you have kids. Whether it's a short hike at a nearby park or trekking halfway across the world, you can still find ways to do it with your children! Here are some tips on how to make travel easy and fun for both you and your kids.
Pack Smart.
It’s important to not pack too much or too little when you are traveling with your kids. Try to pack light, but remember there are some things you simply do not want to be without (like wipes, bottles, and enough diapers to last for a couple of days). We recommend writing out a list of items that you’ll need beforehand, that way you can remember all the things that will help you have a fun, safe trip!
Sun protection is a must.
Take some time to make sure your children are protected from the sun. When you plan on being in the sun for long periods of time, you need to invest in some good sun protection. Besides using sunscreen, hats and light long sleeved clothing can also help protect your child’s skin. There is nothing worse than getting a bad burn on day one of vacation, and what makes it even worse is when your child needs to cuddle.
 Pack an emergency kit.
When adventuring with your kids it’s important to remember 'if it can go wrong, it will.'  Having a handy med kit on hand might seem like it's unnecessary, but when push comes to shove you’d rather have it than not. Keep bandages, antibacterial ointment, burn cream, aloe vera, ibuprofen, Tums, etc. with you at all times. You can get packets of electrolyte replacement in case of dehydration (just mix with water), and maybe toss a hard candy or two in there…just in case you have a dire case of hurt feelings.  
 Find playmates.
Adventuring with your children can introduce them to many new and exciting things. One of those things that you can definitely take advantage of is the chance to make and meet new friends. Teach your children to play with others, even if they are very different ages. The few toys your children packed can work as excellent icebreakers with other children you meet during your travels.
 Take time to relax.
Lastly, make sure to take breaks as needed. Even if you don’t think you need it, the kids do!  Let them get to sleep while you take some time for yourself. Go take a swim, read a book, or enjoy a glass of wine. Remember, these trips are a great way to make memories and the more that you have, the easier it gets.
Have you traveled with your children before? If so how was your experience? Comment below any tips you'd recommend!
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