The Inspiration Behind Our Fall/ Winter Beanies

The Inspiration Behind Our Fall/ Winter Beanies

Our Fall/ Winter Collection features three fun and colorful beanies! Each design is meaningful to me in its own way. In each design I strive to reflect the natural world and the way we interact with it, play in it, and rely on it daily. Keep reading to see what I had in mind while creating these new designs!
The Big Sky Bison Beanie pays homage to my college years, at the University of Montana. Montana is know as the Big Sky Country and there is plenty of space for the buffalo to roam!
The Bulls and Dots Beanie is inspired by the long winters. They can be dreary, so I created this bright and playful beanie to add some color and flair to any winter wonderland!
The Last Life Beanie is the perfect hat to hit the slopes with. I love catching that one last ride to the top and watching the sunset to end another great day on the mountain.

What beanies are you wanting to rock this Fall/ Winter? What do these designs remind you of?


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