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Reasons Why You Should Still Surf in the Fall

When you think of all the amazing activities the Fall season brings, surfing doesn’t automatically come to mind. While most people are carving pumpkins, picking apples and navigating corn mazes; we find the ocean is surprisingly a great place to be for a surfer.
Kids are Back in School
Fall brings the return of school, which means children are preoccupied with their school work and parents aren’t trying to take a day trip to the beach. Beach parking will clear up and the number of people waiting for the same wave will clear up too. The smaller crowd will ultimately reward you with more waves!
Good Combo of Swells
Two is better than one, right? Being in between summer and winter, Fall gets both the south and north born swells. For the easily close shore breaks of Southern California, this is something to not take for granted, because when two swells coming from different directions arrive at the same time, they create peaks that are a lot easier to ride than the short collapsing waves from the straight South.
Excellent Wind Conditions
To add to the amazing conditions that are created from the two swells, the wind is also in your favor. In this season you are usually gracedExcellent Wind Conditions with the Santa Ana winds and several days with offshore wind all day. When the wind conditions are nice you’ll be able to catch more waves with less of the struggle!
Water is Still Warm
Perhaps the only con of surfing in the Fall is that it might be a bit colder than the summer. Blame it on global warming or whatever you want to call it, but the water is usually still warm until winter and even so a wetsuit will help you brave the chillier days!
If you’ve never pulled out your board in the Fall, we challenge you to give it a try this year. And if you’re a regular no matter the season, where are your favorite fall surfing locations?  
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