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5 Amazing Places to Hike in Wyoming

September 14, 2018

5 Amazing Places to Hike in Wyoming

With eight national forests, two national parks, 12 state parks and more than 18 million acres of public, Wyoming has the perfect hike for you no matter what your experience level is. Whether you want to backpack for a weekend or take a quick day hike, the trails in Wyoming won't disappoint.
1. Artist Paint Pots Trail 
Art knows no bounds. Living up to its name, this short trail offers a chance to see some of Yellowstone’s most famous features in a short period of time. The trail contains over 50 springs, geysers, vents, and mud pots. exhibits varying shades of blue, grey and brown, and has a range of different textures.
2. Table Mountain Trail
Table Mountain Trail covers 10 miles of Alta, Wyoming, and is a challenge for only the most experienced hikers. This is one trail you should travel once in your lifetime if you enjoy difficult trails. You start with a steep uphill climb until halfway where you will find gorgeous wildflower meadows. The trail continues uphill until you reach the viewpoint for table mountain. You’ll also get to see the Tetons while you’re up there. 
3. Teton Crest Trail
While you can see the Tetons from Table Mountain Trail, you can experience them in full force by doing the trail IRL. This trail showcases one of the nation’s most scenic hiking routes: the Teton Crest Trail. This high route trail traverses ridges offering spectacular wide-angle views of towering granite peaks, glacier-carved canyons, crystalline lakes, and wildflower meadows.
4. Heart Lake Trail
There's a good reason why Heart Lake is one of Yellowstone National Park's most popular backcountry destinations: it's got it all. Experience world-class fly-fishing, wildlife sightings, and to-die-for campsites on this 16.2-mile out-and-back to the second largest backcountry lake in Yellowstone National Park.
5. Cascade Canyon Trail
Cascade Canyon Trail is a 9.3 mile out and back trail in Beaver Creek, Wyoming. It’s a heavily trafficked moderately difficult trail open from April to September with an overall elevation gain of 1066 feet. Here, you may partake in many activities such as camping, backpacking, mountain biking, hiking and see beautiful sites including forests, waterfalls, wildflowers, and plenty of wildlife.

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